Sunday, October 18, 2015


This is a sermonette that I gave to my community on October 14. Each of the students gives a sermonette throughout the month of October. This is intended for seminarians and priests but I think that there are elements that each Christian could find useful in their vocational journey. 

Vocation. What does it entail? Who do we seek as a model? In its infancy we seek God. We seek to be seen by God; to see God; to love God and to be loved by God. We seek to serve as well. We may, at times, find ourselves seeking certain aspects that lead us away from that initial call from God.

The journey of our vocational lives is a constant turning of our lives back towards the will of God the Father. Seeking Him through his Son while being animated in doing  so by the Holy Spirit. Our lives can at times seem as if we are wandering in the desert like the Israelites did so long ago and at other times seem as if everything is perfectly in sync with Gods plan.

Our lives demand of us level of abandonment. Often it seems as if it is unbearable, however Christ, who makes all things possible, strengthens us. In the Gospel of Mark 8: 34 Christ speaks of the conditions of discipleship, He summoned the crowd with his disciples and said to them, Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me…” At face value it appears that the disciple of Christ is one who must let go of and leave everything behind. But, while it is imperative that a follower of Our Lord does these things, the disciple also gains much. In abandoning our will to Gods will we see God working in our life to bring forth His Kingdom through us. Using us as a sower of the seed of the Word of God and the Work of God in peoples lives.

We see this most clearly in the life of Our Lady. Mary let go of everything. She did not know where her fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum would lead her. But she knew that she would be doing the will of God. Our Lady is a prime example for us. Despite our ignorance or lack of faith at times we know that if we live our lives according to the will of Father we will be successful in our lives because we have lived our lives in accordance with Gods will for us, our vocation.

Also, in living out our vocation we are playing an active role in Salvation History. Just as Marys Fiat allowed for the entry of the Messiah into the world our Yes to Gods will allows us to be an active participant in Gods plan for salvation. By being faithful to God we will, and will at some point, be ministers of Gods sacraments which are all outward signs of His love for humanity. Our Ladys Fiat brought forth the Son of God into the world and impacted salvation history for all.  If we are to live out our vocation faithfully, and with joy, we too can positively impact salvation history not just for us; but also for those to whom we are sent.

Using Our Lady as our model of fidelity to the will of God let us entrust ourselves to her; imploring from her for guardianship as well as an intercessor in our lives to assist us in remaining faithful to the call we have all received.

Mary Help of Christians,

Pray for us.

God bless,
Br. Adam

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Wake me up when September Ends!

Greetings friends, family and confrere,

It has been a wild month. That's right, I have been here for a month already! Once classes began life got very busy and I was not able to post as often as I ( and I am sure you) would have liked. So, here is a synthesis of what I have been doing.

This semester I am taking quite a few classes along with my classmates! I am taking; Inspiration- Canon- Hermeneutics (Bible), Biblical Archeology, Synoptic Gospels- Acts of the Apostles, Biblical Greek 1 (ΧαιΡε), Fundamental Theology, Introduction to Liturgy, Church History I, Methodology, Italian I, in addition to visiting the various Holy Sites (Topographical Visits) and visiting places of history from Biblical Times (Archeological Excursions)

These classes take up the majority of my time. They are great and I am learning a lot of interesting things. For instance, greek, I never thought I would have been learning greek.

Community is great! Never in any house have i seen such a diverse gathering of confrere. We are 39 students and 11 staff members. During the month of October we pray the Rosary as a community. It is amazing to hear the prayers of the Rosary in many different languages.

Daily schedule:
It is a jam packed schedule. The morning begins at 6:25am with morning prayer. After morning prayer there is Mass immediately following and the meditation. After morning exercises of prayer there is breakfast and then chores. After chores there is class. My chore this month is to clean the Chapel. After chores is class time. We are in class from 8:45- 12:15 with a few breaks. After class there is lunch at 12:30. Following lunch there is some sort of recreation usually at 13:15. On Monday we play basketball, Tuesday we play volleyball, Wednesday we play soccer (or as everyone else calls it football) and Thursday we play basketball again. On Friday and Saturday we do not play any games outside in observance of the Jewish sabbath. Usually on Friday and Saturday the second - fourth years have an apostolic ministry.

Special outing:
We went to the beach about a week ago on September 24. The water was great! It was about 80 degrees. The waves were a lot of fun too. There was a slight undertow but it didn't bother me too much. The lifeguards were very apprehensive of the undertow and didn't let people go too far out.
I ended up getting a wicked sunburn on my lower back. It was brutal.

Learning curve:
Everything here is measured in meters and kilometers. The temperature is measured in centigrade. I need to learn these things. Also, the English here is all British English,  which is frustrating. There are random E and the end of a word. Random U are there as well. All very odd.

Next week we are going to visit Galilee. I will be praying for you and will be posting a lot of photos to Facebook!

Until the next writing,
God bless,
Br. Adam