Friday, September 11, 2015

Day Two...Introduction and Planning

This morning at 09.00 The new students of the Studium Theologicum Salesianum were introduced to the academic setting of the STS. The morning was led by Fr. Biju Michael, SDB, STS President. Fr. Biju introduced the Rector of the STS, Fr. Andrew Wong, SDB.
The students were then introduced to Sr. Mary Colman, FSE, STS Registrar who explained to the students what documents were needed to formally enroll in the STS.  Soon after Sr. Mary’s introduction the students were then introduced to Fr. Lionel Goh, OFM.
 Fr. Lionel spoke about what a privilege it is to live in and study Theology in the Holy Land.  Fr. Lionel explained, briefly, the history of the Holy Land. He took the students on a lectured history tour and included the many exiles of the Jewish people, the many fallings of the City of Jerusalem, and the great history of this wonderful City.
During a brief break with coffee, tea and snacks, the students posed for pictures individually ad as a class. After the break the students returned for one more session with Fr. Biju Michael, SDB, STS President.
Fr. Biju spoke to the students about the system of education that governs the Studium Theologicum Salesianum. It is run through a European style of Education. Fr. Biju explained the importance of building good study habits. These good habit will follow the students as they progress in their studies but also in their ministry. He encouraged the students to form study groups and to study and do homework in the library so as to encourage one another. 

Before dismissal the students were told of the schedule for the coming week. Tomorrow the students will visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the afternoon.  On Monday the new students will be formally enrolled in the University and select their classes.
In the Evening the Salesian Students and Faculty had the opportunity to come together to go over the Community Plan and make suggestions and remarks. Tomorrow they will gather again and go over the suggestions in a large group since they made their suggestions in the small group. 

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