Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day Three

Today was an exciting day! We started the day with Morning Prayer at 7, Mass at 7.15, and Mediation at 7.45. After Mass we had breakfast. After breakfast we had the second part of our Community Assembly to plan for the year. It was quite a good meeting and there was good participation from all the confere.

In the afternoon after lunch the first year students, my self included, went to the Holy Sepulcher with the Missionaries of Africa and the Brothers of Sion for a bit of a historical tour. These outings are called Topographical Visits. They will be held every week. Next week we are going to go to the Mount of Olives.

The Holy Sepulcher was beautiful! We went during the evening this time. There was much more activity than what I had experienced there on Thursday morning. When we arrived we went up to Calvary. As we entered the bells rang and the Greek Orthodox were about to start their Vespers. It sounded beautiful. I did not see it, but I heard it well.

After that we toured the Church more but this time we were with a historian who gave us more information that my mind was ready for. It was more of a class than a prayer opportunity; although I did manage to go to confession.

Later in the evening, after returning home, I was invited out by one of the second year students along with the others in my class. We walked around the City. We were shown where the "young crowd" hangs out. We walked along the Old City of Jerusalem. The Walls were beautiful at night.

While walking along and overlooking the street below I spied a camel. I was not expecting this at night. It was very cool to see. Not the best photo but it was the best I could manage at 200 yards. 
Until tomorrow, 
Br. Adam 

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