Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day Six: Community...Recreation...Movie

Good day!

Today was a day filled with activity! I woke up about 6am and got ready for the day. I went to Morning Prayer, Mass and Meditation at 7am and breakfast afterwards. After breakfast I went to the registrar's office to get my books for the semester. This is going to be a busy semester!

This semester I am taking classes in Hermeneutics, Biblical Archeology- History and Geography, The Synoptic Gosepls, Biblical Greek, Fundamental Theology, Introduction to Liturgy, Church History, Methodology, Italian and Topographical Visits (This is a visit to the the Holy Sites in Jerusalem).  It will be a busy semester and it will be a challenge for me. Pray that I do well!

After lunch today I had the opportunity to play some basketball with the brothers. We had two teams playing and we subbed people in regularly. I cannot shoot a basketball to save my life! I can play some defense.
After dinner we had the opportunity to watch a movie. We watched "Red Dawn". Some seemed to like it some others did not. Such is the case with taste; some like some things while some others do not care for it. 

Tomorrow we open our academic year. We will gather at about 9am for a Liturgy of the Word service and then have an assembly to welcome us new students and the new Faculty. I look forward to tomorrow and the rest of the year. 

Until tomorrow,
Br. Adam


  1. Enjoy each moment in each day! The days may be long sometimes but your year will be short! Love you ❤️