Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day Seven

Today we had the official opening of our academic year. It started out with a Liturgy of the Word Service. Afterwards, we had refreshments outside of the Principal's office. Following the refreshments we went to Don Bosco Hall and had our official opening. The new students were introduced to the rest of the STS as well as the new faculty members. After the assembly we had to elect the student leader who will have the responsibility of communicating information to the rest of the students from the Principal and from the students to the Principal.

At the election, Br. Eduardo and myself were nominated by our peers. I was elected. It is a responsibility that I will take with some learning that must be done.

After lunch we had  our daily recreational period. We played football (soccer). It is a bit of a reminder that I am no longer in the United States because soccer is called football; they want me to teach them American Football. That will surely be interesting. Today at soccer I scored the first goal. I kicked it in on a rebounded shot. It was a good day. My team won 3-0

Tomorrow my year group will go to the Mount of Olives for a Topographical Visit.

Be assured of many pictures and plenty of prayers.

God bless,
Br. Adam

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