Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Arrival in Jerusalem

This morning at about 10:15 local time I arrived in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I had a good flight. It was a 10 hour direct flight from Newark, NJ. I got some sleep in while on the plane, about five hours. I woke up somewhere over Northern Italy. I could tell because of the in flight map. I realized that when I had awoken I was not nervous nor was I at all anxious. I was at peace and ready for what was to come. Getting psyched for the trip to Israel proved to be more taxing on my nerves than actually making the trip.

When I landed I went through Immigration and Customs relatively easily. I gathered my bags and went out of the secured area. I then met Fr. Andrew Wong, SDB and another confrere from Vietnam. After we all gathered we went to Jerusalem, about a 40 minute car ride.

After receiving a warm welcome it became clear that I had a daunting task; unpacking. I unpacked my bags and set up my desk. It was then that i realized I needed to take a nap. It was now about 5pm local time.

After my nap I went to Evening Prayer in our Chapel at 7pm. After prayers we had dinner and then a little light recreation. After that I prayed my rosary and now I am going to bed.

Tomorrow I believe I will be touring a little bit of Jerusalem. I will post pictures soon. We are also in the midst of a sand storm.

Pray for me, I will be praying for you.

God bless,
Br. Adam

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