Tuesday, August 14, 2012


In much of today's culture and society there are images of what it means to be cool and part of an "in crowd" we base these images off of what we see on TV or in movies. We can often fail to see the ranges that can come from what we watch because we don't think that it affects us in some way. At least this is how I fell and how I dupe myself and make excuses as to why I watch some things.

During one of the talks this morning our preacher spoke to us about witness. If we religious are to be witnesses of Christ we have to model ourselves as such. We must love the scriptures and study them and assimilate them into our life. Often times I get caught up in the doing of every day life and I forget about being. I must recognize that I need the opportunity for personal prayer to deepen my relationship with Christ. If I tell myself that I do not have time, I am lying. I have to make the time because my first priority in life is my relationship with God.

If my life is not centered on my relationship with God everything else in life has the potential and probably will fail. I need the sustenance and Grace from God to keep going and being everyday of my life. The only way to be the best witness of Christ and His Kingdom to the world is to be a faithful disciple of the Lord and have a living relationship with Him.

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