Friday, August 10, 2012

Dying unto Ourself

This morning's Gospel was a great consolation and reminder for me on how to live my life. First, I must die unto myself in order to help gain heaven. Second, I must serve. These components are very important and their magnitude is measureless. If I am to enter into heaven I must embrace the cross.

That being said, this morning's homily was also great. The priest spoke about one of our past Rector Majors. He quoted him, loosely, as saying that our dying unto ourselves everyday is a form of martyrdom. To continually sacrificing and living for God's glory is a form of martyrdom. What it lacks in its intensity it makes up for in duration.

Everyday in everything that we do we are making an offering to God. That offering could be something that is a joyous moment, or a moment of suffering. As long as it is done for God are we making that conscious effort to give God that glory.

As I gaze out at the congregation gathered in chapel this morning my eyes fall upon a group in the Salesian family, the Salesian Lay Missionaries. These 18 young people are truly embracing today's Gospel; they are dying unto themselves and are going out to serve others, all for the Glory of God.

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