Thursday, July 19, 2012

When the routine is broken...

Sometimes it is not always easy to be charitable. That is when grace kicks in and assists us. This morning I woke up late and missed the early 6:30am Mass. When I had awoken I immediately realized that there was way too much light in my room. My room faces to the East and the sunlight just poured into my room. I knew instantly that I was late. I got up and looked at my watch for the time and it read 6:54. Not a minute later and I hear my cell phone alert me to the presence of a text message. This was from one of the priests that I live with asking me if I was awake yet. I told him I would be down for prayers.

I must have needed that rest , and I thank God for it. But when I tried going on with my day I felt empty. Almost no energy. I felt aloof and empty. This morning I had two classes scheduled for religious education. One at 8:30 and the other right after. Well, after the first class ended at 9:25 I expected the other class to walk in soon after the first had left. I sat there patiently waiting and waiting. I waited some more. Finally at 9:45am I went down to look for them. I heard some noise coming from the cafeteria and I walked in and immediately was encountered by some 3rd graders. "Br. Adam, Br. Adam! Why weren't you here to do the prayer for us this morning?"

Dang! I forgot all about the morning prayer and spiritual thought for the day for the young people!!

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