Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Prayer helps

This might seem like a "Duh!" moment when you read the title, but I need to be reminded of this from time to time, prayer helps. It seems so obvious that when we find ourselves in some type of hardship that we should or would turn to prayer for help and guidance. Obvious right? Not so much, for me anyway.

I am a very hard headed stubborn and prideful person. This is something that I am working on to try to let go of, but it is difficult. When I find myself in times of trial or hardship or in any type of difficulty, my hard headed prideful self tries to figure out and fix the problem internally. as if I knew I had the answer and the tools to fix what ever was plaguing me.

Something dawned on me yesterday. If I had these tools, wouldn't I have already fixed these issues? looks like my blinded pridefulness struck again. I cannot fix me. I need to turn to someone else. Much like a doctor who severely injures himself he cannot fix himself and be healed. He needs help. My doctor in this regard is God. And He has sure given some great tools to help me. I'm just blind and haven't seen them.

Some of the tools that God has given to us are the Sacraments. Other tools are the saints, who have the responsibility and love to intercede for us on our behalf. We just have to ask. We have to pray! Prayer is such a wonderful tool! I honestly don't think I utilize it enough. Sure, I sit down everyday in chapel for 2 hours and pray the Divine Office and sit before the Blessed Sacrament, but that's not enough.

When I find myself in a difficult or stressful situation, I must stop what I am doing. I must turn myself over and surrender my pride and ask for help. My go to patrons are St. John Bosco (Don Bosco) and Mary, Help of Christians (MHC). They are there not just for me, But for you too! we have to only ask for their help.

The song based off of Psalm 91 comes to mind, "Be With Me Lord"

Have a blessed day!
-Br. Adam

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