Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Daily Mass

Every morning I have been blessed to attend daily Mass. This is a great consolation for me because I believe that Jesus Christ is truly present in the Eucharist. I believe that He is there and I want Him to be a part of my life. He gives me strength for my journey. My journey to Heaven.

This journey is certainly no easy road. Everywhere I turn there is temptation to go against God's will for me in m life. Everyday Since an have entered the Salesians I have been learning, albeit slowly, to ask for God's help by using the saints and praying through their intercession. Lets face it, the saints have been down this road before and Harv overcome the evil temptations. They know just the remedy that we need. What better way than to ask them to help us to connect to God for the grace to overcome this temptation.

The benefit of going to daily Mass is the Eucharist. It is the " source and summit of the Christian life." (CCC 1324) the Eucharist is our strength. It gives us the graces needed to overcome temptations to turn away from God and His Holy Will for us.

As we all know we must be properly disposed in order to receive Our Lord in the Eucharist. We must be free from Mortal Sin and must have the proper intention of celebrating in that Eucharistic feast of the Mass! St. John Bosco told his boys in the Oratory that if they wanted to go to heaven and to be saints they should go to Confession and Communion regularly.

A bonus for me this summe is having an Adoration Chapel attached to the house I am assigned to for summer camp. Everyday after the Mass at 6:30 am the Eucharist is exposed and I have the great opportunity for Adoration.

God bless you! Be saints!

Br. Adam

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