Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Another important key to the Kingdom of Heaven would be the people you surround yourself with. If one chooses good friends then goodness will surround them. But if one is to choose bad friends then goodness will not surround them. We are sort of obliged, if we care anything about our soul, to choose good friends. St. John Bosco once said that "One who associates with the good will go to heaven with them."

They key to choosing god friends should not be based on popularity or cool factor. Friendship should rather be based on the particular chosen person's relationship with God. A person who is firmly rooted in Godly values and virtues will surely be a good companion in life here on Earth and in Heaven.

I understand that this may be difficult. However, Christ requires some sacrifice of us. When I was in high school I thought that I had many friends. I later found out that I was very mistaken. I had people who would hang out with me because I had a big car (not because my daily was rich but because at one point I was driving 5-6 brother and sisters to school with me in the mornings). When I came to the realization that God was calling me to become a priest a lot of people that I thought were my friends gradually stopped talking to me. And thank God they did.

When I entered into formation with the Salesians my summer vacation was only two weeks long. The people who were sit ll my friends were okay with the fact that I was not going to be home much. They knew that I was following God's will and they did not want to interrupt that in any way. They gave me the space I needed to grow in holiness and I am Vu thankful for that. So, choose good friends. The reward for it he on Earth could carry you on into Heaven.

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