Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Be Saints!

Time to face reality, people! (myself included!) we are all called to holiness. But what does this mean? Sometimes I am not sure myself. So, I look to the scriptures, to my spiritual doctor, to my confessor...and to God for guidance on this whopper of a question.
Often times, I struggle. I am human, I am weak, and I'm very gullible. Satan is a tricky bastard whom I loathe for what he does. But, we must be stronger than he is and we can be. But we cannot be stronger than he if we try to be a lone ranger. God had given us so many tools to triumph over Satan. But they often go unutilized. For example; we are part of a community of believers (A COMMUNITY, we aren't alone.) We are also given role models they'll base our lives on (the Saints) we can also implore them for their help, because lets face it, they are kind of in a place to help out. Sacraments!
I love the sacraments! Christ has given us 7 sacraments to help us on our road to holiness and ultimately to assist us in getting to Heaven. We will not be able to do this alone. Christ established for us these tools of grace to help our struggle with temptation and to strengthen our relationship with Christ! Now we have only to be open to them, to Christ.
For us to become Saints we have to recognize our own humanity and all that comes with being human. We can be very strong beings, but we are broken thanks to Original Sin. God has put us on this Earth with others. I think it would be wise for us to surround ourselves with the type of people who can help and affirm us in our quest for sanctity.
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