Sunday, April 24, 2011



He is indeed risen today, this wonderful Easter Day!

Beginning this Triduum was very difficult for me. I felt very sluggish and upset. Something was not sitting well with me. I found out that most of the Triduum celebrations were to take place in the gym and not the parish chruch because of the lack of space. This upset me because this is the only time in my life that I had not been to a Triduum Mass/Service outside of the Chruch.

Well my eyes were opened on Holy Thrusday at Mass. As I sat there wallowing in my own self pity because of my surroundings I failed to notice what was going on around me. When I noticed that I was so depressed about the fact that the Mass was not in Church I began to look around. I was amazed at what I saw.

When I looked into the faces of the people there, there was nothing but joy and devotion. The gym was decorated beautifully. The people were fully engaged in the Mass. More engaged than I have ever seen in any Church. When I saw the devotion of th people about the Mass and their level of engagement and participation in it I was heart broken. My stony heart was crumbled. I had a moment with God. In that instance I mentally pulled myself from where I was, I started a conversation with God:

"Father, why am I so sad right now?"

"Adam, you are sad because you want to be sad. You are not letting me enter into your heart. The exterior is not what matters right now. What matters is what you see around you."

I took this little conversation to mean that I was not allowing God to work in my life in that moment because I had a hangup. I was so upset that we were not in Church I was failing to see all of the good that God was doing there in that Mass, and in the rest of the Triduum. In that moment of prayer I felt God enter into me and give me that new heart. I was renewed.

The message that I got from this weekend is this: The building is not what makes the Church. It is the people that make the Church. So if Mass is celebrated in the Parish Church building or in a gym, Christ is still there and he is at work in all who are there for him.

Thank you Lord, for giving me that Easter gift of resurrecting my faith life. With out you it is not possible, nor would anything matter.



  1. Wow! This truly is an amazing encounter. I believe that God works in wondrous ways, I've experienced it myself. Just glad you had a 'wonderful Easter' Adam.

    God Bless

  2. An amazing story and an amazing lesson my brother in Christ!

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