Thursday, January 27, 2011

Education is the key

In my opinion there is one way for us to be pro-life; and I am not speaking on just abortion. This would mean us taking a step off of the soap box, shut our mouths and listening with our ears, hearts and minds. The way to stop abortion is to think outside of abortion. There has to be an educative method to stopping it. There cannot be a 'war' on abortion. No one has ever won the hearts of people through combative techniques. That is only going to turn people away from any sort of pro-life cause (I think that it goes against the pro-life agenda personally) or people who may associate themselves with being pro-life.  The thought process I think has to go a little something like this:

Education--> We need to educate all, young and old, as to what life is. Life is the fetus in the womb, life is the man or woman or child on the street, life is Grandma or Grandpa in the nursing home, life is the person in prison. All stages of life in any situation or economic situation are important to safeguard. They are precious lives given to us from above.  The education has to be there so that everyone can receive knowledge to better themselves and their families and step out of the veil of poverty. With this education they would be able to have so many more doors open to them. They would be able to do anything and not be limited because their government or whomever failed them in that regard.

Self--> When we look into our self and examine why we are here, why we live where we live, we realize that we have no control over it. Someone decided to carry us to term and give birth to us, someone fed and clothed us, someone obtained for us an education; and someone made sure that we had a roof over our head. We should be overjoyed that we were afforded such a luxury. We must take that knowledge, that because of someone other than myself I am able to live the way I do and I should do all that is in my power to go out and help my neighbor. We need Social Justice. We need people not to be preyed on or cast aside because of their ethnic background or social/economic background.

Society--> When we are all educated enough to know that pro life doesn't just mean babies, but encompasses all, we will be able to see that as a society we can look out for our neighbors and their well being. When we are educated enough to know that the man in prison's life is the same in the eyes of God as my or your life is, we can change as a society. We can change in the outlook that is meant to be the pro-life agenda. That all life is Sacred and that we must be willing to help the man and woman in the street looking for their next meal and not attacking women who are going into a Planned Parenthood. Attacking someone for making an ill informed choice does nothing but hurt the woman or man who are in some way feel pressured into making the decision to abort their pregnancy.  When we are educated to know that love conquers all we can and will make a difference.

Through hard work and education I think that society can be changed. It will come down to "war" and 'civility.' St. Francis de Sales once said "You will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar"

It is through education and love that we can save life. It is through  petty bickering and finger pointing that we will lose life.

God is good.

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